Circlez GuideHow to Post Photos or Gifs to Circlez

It's easy to post your photos or gifs to the Circlez platform! Follow the guidelines on this page for best practices.

Posting a Photo or Gif

Step 1: In the Circlez new post box click on the photo icon.

Step 2: From the dialog box that opens choose the image you'd like to use from your own device.

Step 3: Click the post button to save your post and upload the image.

What are the size and file type requirements?
  • Photos and GIFs can be up to 5MB
  • We currently accept GIF, JPEG, and PNG files. We DO NOT accept any other file formats.
  • We will automatically scale your photo to match our platform display.
What happens to the metadata on images I upload?

We're a privacy-conscious group, so we strip all metadata after uploading images to our platform, except for copyright information. That means we don't keep any GPS information or personal data associated with your pictures, but we will retain any copyright information to ensure proper attribution.

How do I tag someone in a photo?

We don't allow you to tag anyone in a photo on the Circlez platform. We believe it's a possible violation of someone's right to privacy. While we can't prevent images from being uploaded of someone, we can at least make sure they aren't tagged.